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Daniel W. Wright, Jr.

Daniel W. Wright, Jr. Naval Service:
UNC-NROTC 1982-1986. Color Guard, HQ Company.
Naval aviator training 1986-1988. Pensacola, FL; Meridian, MS; San Diego, CA.
US-3A pilot in VRC-50 1989-1991. Logistical support for 7th Fleet based at Cubi Pt., Philippines. Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Serviced 9 different aircraft carriers.
Flight instructor T-2C in VT-19, 1991-1993. Meridian, MS.

Civilian Aviation Career:
Corporate pilot for First Union Bank 1993-1997, Charlotte, NC. Citation V aircraft.
Delta Air Lines 1997-Present. First Officer: MD-88; B-757; B-767. Captain B-717, 2016- Present.

Family Life:
Married 1991 - Present to Elizabeth P. Wright.
2 Daughters: Megan(26), Marianne(24).
1 Grandson: Micah(1).
Live in Charlotte, NC (1993-Present)

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