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Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is a graduate (or former staff member), usually a Member of the Association who has distinguished himself or herself in contributions to the UNC NROTC Alumni Association. This criteria is intentionally nonspecific, and can include any manner of contributions to the efforts of the NROTC Alumni Association. Current Directors are ineligible for selection.

Previous awardees include:


Year Awarded

Leo H. "Rusty" Phelan, III '59


Donald R. Ledford - Staff Alumnus - YNCM, USN (Ret.)
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Thomas Brantley Burgiss '84


Richard G. Cashwell '59, Colonel, USMCR (Ret.)
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Vicki Sue Stephens '82


Walter M. Fitts '59, Colonel, USMC (Ret.)
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Willard B. Stubbs '85, CAPT, USN (Ret.)
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Steven P. Fish '85
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