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Message from the President

Hello Alumni Association Members,

What a great win vs Duke this past weekend! Proud of those players and new head coach! Beat Dook!

We regret that it has been a bit of time since our last newsletter, but initiatives continue to move forward in supporting the Midshipmen! We have a pretty large contingent of new board members who are all onboarding on committees and a variety of initiatives which include preservation of the Armory, and creating ways to support experiential learning for our Midshipmen, and exploring avenues so that we can be a “force multiplier” for recruitment and retention for a larger NROTC unit.

Upcoming, I will be attending the NROTC Unit Awards Day on Thursday, 21 April and have been asked to be the Guest of Honor for the Piedmont Consortium Mess Night in Durham, the following evening. Very excited for them that evening! All of that is exciting. We would encourage any Alums who wish to attend the Awards Day in Chapel Hill to come, it is at the Newman Center, at 1400.

Also, Alumni are invited to Commissioning which will be the morning of Saturday 7 May 2022. Details to be provided at a later date. If you are interested, you can always contact me directly via email: or phone/text: 252-646-4379, I will keep you updated on the plan.

We are looking forward to another fun reunion in the fall, and our planning committee is just now getting their arms around the dates and events. More to follow.

We are open to more ideas for how our Association may be helpful to the Midshipman. Please pass along any ideas that you believe the Association should consider or pursue!

Hope this spring is good to you all! Go Heels!

Marianne Waldrop ‘87

Nominations now open for the 2022 Distinguished Alumnus / Alumna and Distinguished Service Award

Frank Linkous '87, Awards Committee Chair 

Awards Committee Announcement

“From the Awards Committee…”

The Awards Committee is now soliciting nominations for our two awards – the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Distinguished Service Award. We invite all alumni members to provide nominations to the Board prior to September 1, 2022. Last year we did not have very many nominations. Please consider your alumni friends and colleagues’ service and careers and nominate them for recognition.

As a member, log into the Alumni Association website and use the Awards Nomination Form (click here) to provide your nomination to the Board.

The Distinguished Alumnus Award is provided to recognize a graduate of the UNC NROTC program who has distinguished himself or herself in contributions to our Nation, the armed services, industry or business, the arts, philanthropy, or other social contributions. This is not a "distinguished member of the military" award, and the individuals need not have been career members of the armed forces. The board will consider the achievements of a non-military professional with an NROTC pedigree on equal footing with a career officer.

Please see the website for a list of previous Distinguished Alumni (click here).

The Distinguished Service Award is provided to recognize the graduate (or former staff member), usually a Member of the Association who has distinguished himself or herself in contributions to the UNC NROTC Alumni Association. This criteria is intentionally nonspecific, and can include any manner of contributions to the efforts of the NROTC Alumni Association. Current Directors are ineligible for selection.

Please see the Association website for a list of previous Distinguished Service recipients (click here).

The Association's 2021 Annual Meeting/ Reunion took place on the weekend of 05 November. A President's Reception, Annual Meeting, UNC Football game and BBQ were held and more than 60 Alumni attended some or all of the events! Class of '85 and '86 were particularly well represented. Thanks to all who attended!

An election was held at the 2021 Annual Meeting for the Board of Directors for the 2022-23 term. Re-elected for another term:

  • Marianne Waldrop '87 - President
  • Bill Latham '85 - Secretary
  • Janet Keech '89 - Treasurer
  • Rob Rivers '73
  • Don Cuddington '86
  • Dan Wright '86
  • Frank Linkous '87

Newly elected:

  • Michael Argo '80
  • Bill Foster '80
  • Jim Provo '80
  • Doug Montgomery '86
  • Jeff Kennedy '87
  • Jim Fullwood '92
  • Andy Flores '95

Congratulations All! A Special Gratitude and Thank You to those leaving the Board:

  • Steve Fish '85
  • Pat Connelly '85
  • Rob Gionfriddo '86
  • Pat Riordan '87
  • Steve Levesque '89
  • Brian Smith '84
  • Kenneth Floyd '80

Naval Armory Preservation Committee Update

The Naval Armory Preservation Committee continues with its efforts to halt the proposed demolition of the Naval Armory as outlined in the UNC 2019 Master Plan.  Multiple efforts are in progress to include:  continuing with the work to gain National Registry of Historical Places recognition; developing contacts and support within the UNC System President’s Office; cultivating Congressional support; making contacts with the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees; pursuing support from various Veterans’ groups and with the State Secretary for Veterans’ Affairs; and attempting to gain support from the George H. W. Bush family and Presidential Museum.

Our Historical Places consultant, after much research, strongly recommended that we drop the National Historical Landmark effort and concentrate on North Carolina Historical recognition which would place the Armory on the National Registry of Historical Places.  The modification of the Armory in the mid-90s to accommodate the Army and Air Force ROTC programs and the lack of a direct involvement with the Pre-flight School were given as reasons.  The Board agreed, and the decision was made to pursue only state status.  Our emphasis now shifts to the Armory’s status as one of the oldest, if not the oldest (TBD), NROTC Armory in America and a part of the Navy training presence on campus during WWII.

In February NAPC met with the Senior Advisor to the President for Economic Development and Military Affairs, Dr. Thomas Walker, within the Office of President Hans to discuss the Armory preservation effort.  He was very supportive and has already discussed the issue with President Hans.  On March 7 I was informed that President Hans has already discussed this with Chancellor Guskiewicz and is meeting with a member of the Master Plan committee this week.

Contacts with a staff member for NC Congressman Greg Murphy led to a very productive telecom in which the Staff member, Ray Celeste, indicated his obvious support.  He helped arrange a conversation with Con. David Price’s staff to discuss bi-partisan support for the Armory.  That conversation was very positive and may well lead to a joint letter from the Congressmen to Chancellor Guskiewicz, the BOT, and the BOG this summer in support of preserving the Armory.

NAPC’s newest member, Andy Flores, is beginning attempts to gain inroads with the BOT and BOG.  Clearly, any members of the Alumni Association with contacts with the BOT and BOG would be welcome adjuncts to our efforts.

We are continuing to work with Veterans’ groups across the state to determine if they are willing to become strong advocates for saving the Armory.

Attempts are ongoing to engage the Bush family in our effort.  We are also continuing to lobby magazines such as the Alumni Review and Our State to write articles concerning the Armory and the efforts to save it.

Hopefully, by this summer we should be seeing some positive results from our efforts.

Rob Rivers '73

The following Events are upcoming. Stay tuned for details:

  • Midshipman Spring Awards Ceremony 21 Apr 22 @ 1400. (Newman Catholic Student Center Parish)
  • Spring Commissioning 07 May 22
  • 2022 Annual Meeting TBD

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