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June 2022

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  • Message from the President                              
  • Unit update from Captain Andy Hertel
  • Latest Commissioned UNC NROTC Officers
  • 2022 UNC NROTC Awards Day Recipients
  • Scholarship Committee Update
  • Seeking Distinguished Alumnus and Service Awards Nominations
  • Dawson Library Committee Planning
  • Next Annual Association Reunion Weekend
  • 2022 Membership Update

Message from the President

Hello Alumni Association Members,

On 7 May 2022, the UNC NROTC Unit had a successful conclusion to the academic year as 8 midshipmen were commissioned, 3 Naval and 5 Marine Officers. A few of the Alumni Association members & Board of Directors were in attendance at both the Awards Day and Commissioning this spring.

Well, what are we looking to do next? At our recent Board of Directors meeting, we decided to hold our annual Association Reunion the weekend of 18-20 November 2022. The football game on 19 November is against Georgia Tech and has been designated for Military Appreciation. We are in for a fun reunion and our events committee is starting to plan for it. If you have ideas, we would love to hear them. Please SAVE THE DATE now so that you can also make YOUR plans to attend.

I would like to invite you all to communicate with Doug Montgomery ’86, our Member Communications Chairman, to let him know about all your good news so we can share with the rest of our members. We all like to hear good news and especially about those we know from Carolina NROTC. See the Scuttlebutt article later in this News Bulletin for details.

Finally, we may need your support for the Armory Preservation as we move through the political and organizational hurdles. Stand by for more information on this subject.

We are open to more ideas for how our Association may be helpful to the Midshipman. Please pass along any ideas that you believe the Association should consider or pursue!

Go Heels and enjoy your summer!

Marianne Waldrop ‘87

Greetings from Chapel Hill!

The Fleet got a little bit stronger on 7 May when the UNC NROTC program commissioned eight officers in our Navy and Marine Corps. We have Marine Aviators, Cyber, and Ground officers ready to start TBS in the coming months, as well as Submariners and an Aviator ready to start their professional training here very soon. With all we see going on in the world today, it is a good thing we have leaders of character taking their experience at Chapel Hill, ready to handle the unknown challenges tomorrow might bring.

This past year at UNC was not completely normal – but it was one heck of a lot nearer to the norm than the prior year. Fall 2021 started in person – with some distancing and masks, as well as some hybrid (remote and in person) instruction – and Spring 2022 ended essentially completely back to normal, with no masks required, and in person award ceremonies, commissioning, and graduation. Several students also studied overseas this past year, and all eligible students are out in the fleet now enjoying their summer cruise (or suffering through OCS, depending on your perspective). Thankfully, I think Fall 2022 will look essentially no different than prior to the pandemic.

We are optimistic we will have a larger incoming freshman class this Fall than in previous years. Many students who were awarded national scholarships put UNC at the top of their list, and the staff has worked diligently with the admissions office to highlight the caliber of these prospective students in our program. Although UNC will still be a small unit, we will continue to punch above our weight, sending top notch officers to all corners of the Fleet.

No matter our methods - in person, remote, or some sort of mix - our mission endures; send Tar Heels out to the Fleet, ready to lead our Navy and Marine Corps into the future. Thank you to the UNC NROTC Alumni Association for all you do to support our team.

Go Heels!

CAPT Andrew Hertel

On 7 May 2022, the UNC NROTC Unit held its Spring Commissioning Ceremony.

The 8 Midshipmen receiving their oath of office were:


David Fry

Louis E Poreider IV

Daniel Dellaperuta

Charles J Anspach

David Warlick

AJ Schmidt

Sophia Sherman

Jimmy Slaight











Cyber Warfare



Marine aviation

Marine aviation




Congratulations to these new officers and UNC NROTC alumna!

Awards Day Recipients

21 April 2022

Patrick Connor Award* 

George Herbert Leadership Award 

Reserve Officer Association Awards


Daughters of the AmericanRevolution Medal 

American Veteran’s Award 

USAA Spirit Award 

Military Officers Association of America Award 

Tony F. Clark Oceanography Award 

Major Bradley Allen Barker III Scholarship Award 

American Legion Military Excellence Award 

American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award 

Sandra & Charles Julian Wolfe, Jr. Scholarship 

Richard S. Johnson, Jr. Award

MIDN 1/C Jimmy Slaight

MIDN 1/C Sophia Sherman

MIDN 2/C Parker Sylvia
MIDN 2/C William Kendrick Holmes

MIDN 1/C Jacob Anspach

MIDN 1/C Albert Schmidt

MIDN 1/C Sophia Sherman

MIDN 2/C Parker Sylvia

MIDN 2/C Maya Spencer

SSgt Daniel Dellaperuta

MIDN 2/C Joshua Hawkins

MIDN 1/C Sophia Sherman

MIDN 1/C Drew Warlick

MIDN 1/C Jacob Anspach

*Sponsored by the UNC NROTC Alumni Association

Scholarship Committee Update

The scholarship committee will spend their summer coordinating with the unit staff to compile information about the rising 2/C Midshipmen needed to award the Koster and Ledford scholarships. Scholarships were not awarded to this class last year due to COVID-19's impact on in-person instruction (during this class' 4/C year). A key point of interest is how this class adapted to life at the University and at the NROTC unit as 3/C Midshipmen. As a reminder, the BOD unanimously approved the scholarship committee's recommendation, during the BOD's March 2022 quarterly meeting, to shift awarding the annual scholarships to the 2/C year rather than the 3/C year for future classes.

Nominations now open for the 2022 Distinguished Alumnus and Distinguished Service Awards

Frank Linkous '87, Awards Committee Chair 

The Awards Committee requests nominations for our two awards – the Distinguished Alumnus Award and the Distinguished Service Award. We invite all alumni members to provide nominations to the Board prior to September 1, 2022. Last year, we did not have many nominations. Please consider your alumni friends' and colleagues’ service and careers and nominate them for recognition.

As a member, log into the Alumni Association website and use the Awards Nomination Form (click here) to provide your nomination to the Board.

The Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes a graduate of the UNC NROTC program who has distinguished himself or herself in contributions to our Nation, the armed services, industry or business, the arts, philanthropy, or other social contributions. This is not a "distinguished member of the military" award, and the individuals need not have been career members of the armed forces. The board will consider the achievements of a non-military professional with an NROTC pedigree on equal footing with a career officer.

Please see the website for a list of previous Distinguished Alumni (click here).

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes the graduate (or former staff member), usually a Member of the Association, who has distinguished himself or herself in contributions to the UNC NROTC Alumni Association. This criteria is intentionally nonspecific and can include any manner of contributions to the efforts of the NROTC Alumni Association. Current Directors are ineligible for selection.

Please see the Association website for a list of previous Distinguished Service recipients (click here).

Dawson Library Committee Planning

In the coming weeks, the committee plans to execute several initiatives such as socializing the Library's vision statement while incorporating emerging elements of the Dawson program.  Additionally, they will survey the Library in June to identify sustainment and improvement needs.  Looking ahead, some Academic Year 2022-2023 activities under consideration as potential proposals for the NROTC unit leadership, include:

- Sustaining/enhancing Library resources

- Leadership conference support

- Drill/field meet support

Next Annual Association Reunion Weekend

Our annual Association Reunion will be the weekend of 18-20 November 2022. The home football game on 19 November is against Georgia Tech and will focus on Military Appreciation.

Please SAVE THESE DATES and start making YOUR plans to attend.

More details will follow in the coming weeks.

2022 Membership

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Your dues contribution pays for our website, database software, financial management software and the Distinguished Alumnus /Alumna and Distinguished Service Awards; these funds enable us to communicate with the graduates so we can host and organize alumni events to support our NROTC Unit and Midshipmen. The Scholarships, Dawson Library and Connor Awards are funded separately through charitable contributions. Events (Annual Meeting & Reunions) are funded on a pay-as-you go basis by event participants. 

Now Hear This: Scuttlebutt!

  • Association Member Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Kristin Acquavella will be assigned as Director, Logistics Fleet Supply and Ordnance, N4, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Before RDML Acquavella was temporarily assigned as the commanding officer of the Naval Supply Systems Command’s Fleet Logistics Center in April 2022, she was serving as Director, Audits, Naval Supply Systems Command, Mechanicsburg, PA.

  • Association Member Ann Claire Phillips (Rear Admiral, Ret.) (UNC NROTC ‘83) was sworn in as the U. S. Maritime Administrator on May 16, 2022. Secretary of Transportation Hon. Pete Buttigieg was the officiant at the ceremonial swearing-in the following week. Ann’s brother, Dr. Jonathan Phillips (UNC AB’ 86, Ph.D ‘95) held the family Bible and the U. S. Constitution for the event. Our thanks to Will Stubbs (UNC NROTC '85) for sharing this update.

  • Send YOUR news, updates, and OTHER scuttlebutt about USN NROTC alumni to 


None to report.

 As a service to our members, we have created a new feature on the website available for paid members entitled Deceased Alumni. The feature can be found on the Alumni Service and Information Resource tabs of the website. Please notify the Secretary if you know of errors or additional alumni who should be listed here. If you know of a UNC NROTC Alumnus who has passed away, let us know so that this information may be reported in the News Bulletin under "Taps". Please send your announcements to

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