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The UNC NROTC Alumni Association is pleased to present a forum where alumni may publish photos of themselves and their classmates.

Eventually, we would like to share lots of photographs - enough where we can organize photos by class years, like photos of the 40's, the 50's, etc. so we encourage your participation in this project.

To learn how you can have your photo(s) published, simply follow the directions shown below. We'd like to thank everyone who has submitted a photo thus far.

A part of the class of 1945, during commissioning ceremonies on February 24. Official Photograph, U.S. Navy, provided courtesy of Mason Whitney

Left to right: ENS Mason Whitney; F.G. Whitney '11; ENS William B. Ellis III; William B. Ellis '11; RADM O.B. Hardison '11; Judge John J. Parker '07; ENS Francis I. Parker; R. Grady Rankin '10; ENS Mason Rankin

NROTC Armory, Spring 1952

photo courtesy CDR Allen Bader, Ret USNR, class of 1955

NROTC Drill Team, Beat Dook parade, 1953

photo courtesy CDR Allen Bader, Ret USNR, class of 1955

NROTC and AFROTC Joint Commissioning Ceremony,

Forest Theater, May 1955

photo courtesy CDR Allen Bader, Ret USNR, class of 1955

CDR A.L. Bader (right), Senior Advisor, Logistic Support Base, Nha Be, Republic of Vietnam, briefs Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird (center) and Rear Admiral Robert Salzer (left) Commander U.S. Naval Forces Vietnam, November 1971.

photo courtesy CDR Allen Bader, Ret USNR, class of 1955

"We Got You Covered"

photo courtesy Christa (Bruce) Dahl '78

Left to right: Al Pritchard 1980, Doug Frank 1978, and Mike Argo 1981.

photo courtesy Ken Ireland '81

Left to right: Mike Argo-1981, Ken Ireland-1981 and Kenny Floyd-1980

Gordon Rutherford, class of 1982

CDR Mike Wegman OIF/OEF in ASG-Kuwait 2007

CDR Wegman taught at UNC from 1991-1994 as Associate Professor of Naval Science under CAPT Bob Avery

"On The Ball - 1"

Approach to USS Abraham Lincoln

photo courtesy Colin McLean '93

On The Flight Deck of USS Abraham Lincoln

photo courtesy Colin McLean '93

On the flight line at MCAS New River

photo courtesy 1st LT Joe Elseroad, class of 2003

Midn 1/C Mark Whitson (UNC '87, UNC Law '96) - OCS 1986

Capt. Mark Whitson, USMC (UNC '87, UNC Law '96) - deployed with VMA(AW)-224 in 1992

Two VFA-83 hornets over Mediterranean 1996

Then LCDR Dodick with LCDR Muth on the deck of the USS Nimitz, 2001

Flight training cockpit shot 1992 [Michael "Buck" Dodick]

Shaking the hand of his Drill Sergeant on Commissioning day (and handing him a silver dollar to commemorate the occasion!) [Michael "Buck" Dodick] 1990

Standing in front of T-34 Mentor at Milton Field, FL, 1991 [Michael "Buck" Dodick]

Cockpit selfie (before they were called selfies) [Michael "Buck" Dodick]

Michael "Buck" Dodick in his uniform in the stairwell of Granville Towers, 1986

Bob Young Corpus Christi Flight Training School

Paul W. Rohrer, class of 1947

photo courtesy RADM Paul W. Rohrer, circa 1952

NROTC Drill Team in Anchor Formation, Kenan Stadium, 1952

photo courtesy CDR Allen Bader, Ret USNR, class of 1955

Midn 1/C Al Bader stands beside Surrender Plaque aboard USS Missouri, Cherbourg France 1954

photo courtesy CDR Allen Bader, Ret USNR, class of 1955

Photo taken during Freshman Orientation Day in the Fall of 1964. In the picture are members of the senior class of ’65. We had all just returned from our summer training or cruises.

photo courtesy Alan Monette, circa 1964

From left to right: Alan Monette, Bill Davidson, Ken Furr, Jim Peddicord, and Bob Stack. the young “recruit” is unknown.

The Class of 1978

photo courtesy Christa (Bruce) Dahl

Left to right: Front Row: Darah Hyland, CDR Chris Mills, Christa Bruce; Second Row: Daryl Sharpless, Jack Greenspan, Doug Frank, John Pyron; Back Row: Larry Stubbs, Tom Murray, John Littrel, Adam Davidson, John Burgess, LT Buzhardt (class advisor), Rayvon Williams, Eddie Inman, Tony Cunningham, Chris Daly; Not pictured: Greg Weber, Richard Chelune, Steve Briganti

Military Ball, 1980

photo courtesy Kenny Floyd '80

Left to right: Chuck Summers, Kenny Floyd, Bob Noxon, Bill Harris, Jep Jonson

RDML (sel) Jan Hamby, '80, the NETWARCOM N32, and CDR John Hearne, '85

MACG 28 Group Surgeon (FWD), Camp Al Asad, Iraq

photo courtesy of Dr. William Wike, class of 1985

Over USS Abraham Lincoln

LT Colin McLean '93

VAW-113 Black Eagles

"On The Ball - 2"

Approach to USS Abraham Lincoln

photo courtesy Colin McLean '93

He's Not Here (He's Hiding in a Hole)

photo courtesy Capt. Andrew A. Bennington '99

Flying as Dash 2 down the Atlantic coast

photo courtesy 1st LT Joe Elseroad, class of 2003

2nd Lt Mark Whitson, USMC (UNC '87, UNC Law '96) - oath being administered by Col Kent Bateman, USMC, 1987

Col Mark Whitson, USMCR (UNC '87, UNC Law '96) - aboard the USS Mt. Whitney off the Amalfi Coast, 2010

VFA-204 hornet in the sky over Fallon

LCDR Dodick marries Mrs. Anissa Dodick (also a UNC alumnus)1992

On the deck of the USS Enterprise talking to the "baked potato" guys, 1996 [Michael "Buck" Dodick]

Commissioning at UNC, Class of 1990

Taxiing in a T-2 Buckeye at Meridian, MS, 1991 [Michael "Buck" Dodick]

Old Well shot with his future wife, [Michael "Buck" Dodick] 1990

NROTC Class 1967 Summer Training Little Creek, VA July, 1965

Young, Lt(jg), SC, USN. Supply officer USS Monmouth County (LST 1032) serving in the delta area of RVN. UNC Class '67

Photo Requirements

We will glady publish your photo on this portion of our web site; all we ask is that the photo be of good taste, and our preference is that the alumnus or alumni are in uniform.

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