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The association is aware of the fact that there are many UNC NROTC alumni who died on active duty who have yet to be formally honored. This also includes graduates of the V-12 wartime pre-flight training commissioning program established in 1943, midshipmen enrolled in the NROTC program at the time of their death, and NROTC faculty members.

In addition, we will include alumni who were not on active duty at the time of their death but died as a direct result of injuries received on active duty. We would like to find a suitable memorial to honor them. Current ideas include a memorial plaque, a scholarship fund or combination of both.

For now, we need your help in identifying all UNC NROTC alumni who fall into these categories regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death. The memorial committee will review the circumstances of each death and make recommendations on the scope of the memorial in the future (i.e. combat and military related accidents would obviously be included the final list of those to be honored).

We have identified the following alumni and faculty thus far. Please click on any available links below to learn more about these alumni:

LTJG George Howard, Jr. ´44

Lost in typhoon off Buckner Bay Okinawa Jima while serving on board USS PC1128.

LTJG Richard Floyd “Bunnie” Davis, Jr. ´52

Crashed at sea during maneuvers

ENS William Yancey Tighe, ´54

Accidentally killed by gunfire on board his ship

Leon Gordon Chadwick III, USMC ´63

Died in helicopter crash following hostile action in South Vietnam

LTJG William "Bill" Gowan McWilliams III, ´63

Died as a result of injuries suffered in shipboard fire on USS Oriskany (CVA-34)

Clement Olin Stevenson, Jr. ´64

Died following plane crash at sea off South Vietnam

ENS Henry Richards Wismer, ´64

Lost his life when two Navy training jets collided

2ND LT George Richard Fitzgerald, USMC ´65

Killed during hostile action, South Vietnam

2ND LT Richard Sandusky Johnson, Jr. USMC ´66

Died as a result of small arms fire in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam

LT Louis Holmes Anders ´67

Died following a plane crash in Souda Bay, near Crete

LTJG Carl Howard Preston USN ´67

Died following a night catapult shot off USS John F Kennedy, piloting a C-1

2ND LT Edward Cox Hammerbeck, USMC ´68

Died as a result of combat in Vietnam

LT Elmo Russell Zumwalt III, ´68

Died as a result of cancer caused by exposure to Agent Orange

LT Gary Stephen Dobson, ´76

Killed in a plane accident near Italy in June 1986

LT John Davis Sparks, ´77

Lost at sea November 1981

LT John Bryan Gore, ´77
Died in plane crash near Dothan, AL

CDR Christopher M. Mills (staff - ´78)

LT James Bruce Schneider, ´80
Killed in plane crash during training

LTJG Andrew James Getgood, ´85

CAPT David Powell Dawson, USMC ´86
Died as a result of a mountain climbing accident in Europe

LT Patrick Kelly Connor, ´87
Killed during aerial combat, Desert Storm ´91

How you can help...

  • Give us your ideas on the memorial.
  • Join the committee in making the final decisions in how to proudly honor these alumni. Non-board members are highly encouraged to join the committee!
  • Provide information for any deceased alumni not mentioned above.
  • Make a donation either now or after the final plans have been promulgated.

If you can help, please send correspondence to our Secretary, by E-mail.

Thank you!


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